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Welcome to New Shareholder

Guidelines : Welcome to New Shareholder

Welcome to New Shareholder

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • Make the stockholder feel a part of the company.
  • We welcome you as a company owner.
  • We’re pleased to have you as a stockholder and voting decision-maker in our growing organization.
  • Inform the stockholder about reports or other documents you are enclosing or will be forwarding regularly.
  • Invite the stockholder to ask questions or offer suggestions about the company’s operations.
  • We welcome your questions, ideas, and suggestions for improving our services and products.
  • Let us know when we can provide further information to you.
  • If you discover ways we can improve our operations, please feel free to pass along those ideas to us.

Example 1: Welcome letter to shareholders

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip

City, State Zip

Dear Mr. Grafton:

We are pleased you have purchased common stock in Fullerton-Ramsey. As one of the company’s owners, you will be kept informed about your investment. Enclosed is our latest financial statement. You will also begin to receive copies of our annual and quarterly reports.

The annual meeting of shareholders is held on the last Tuesday of May. We will solicit proxies from shareholders who are unable to attend the meeting in person. You will receive a report telling you what happened at the meeting whether or not you attend. We hope you will find our financial and other reports helpful in following the progress and activities of your company.

Fullerton-Ramsey is currently paying quarterly dividends of $1.02 per share. Dividend checks will reach you about the 15th of March, June, September, and December. If you prefer to apply your dividends toward the purchase of additional stock, you may participate in the Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Service described in the enclosed brochure.

We are happy to have you join our group of owners.




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