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Press Releases

Guidelines : Press Releases

Media Notices and Press Releases

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • Include a release date at the top of the page.
  • Provide a contact name and phone number for further questions.
  • Use a headline if you wish, but the editor will probably choose his or her own.
  • Type the word “more” at the end of each page and “-0-” or “-30-” at the end of the release.
  • Summarize your story in the first paragraph–who, what, why, where, when, and how.
  • Elaborate on the details, including quotes from important sources, and other newsworthy tie-ins.
  • Raise other intriguing questions or suggest specific topics of interest if you are hoping to generate a feature story or personal radio or TV interview. In other words, make it easy for the journalist to get you in print.
  • Suggest, in a covering “pitch” letter, an interview with the principal person or organization involved (such as a book author or the chairperson for a fund-raising effort).
  • The author, Mel Jones, will be in Philadelphia March 2-3 and will be available for interviews during those days.
  • Because the organization’s headquarters are located locally in Chicago, we can provide several people to answer questions you may have about the campaign and the amount of donations received to date.
  • Ms. Eisenhower has some fascinating stories to tell about the opening of this way station in Peru. If you’d like to talk with her further, we will be happy to arrange an interview for you.

Example 1: Sample of press release letters

For Immediate Release Contact: Doug Nicoll

Wednesday, July 1, l987 313-956-1909

HIGHLAND PARK, July 1–Chrysler Corporation Chairman Lee Iacocca, saying “a simple apology is not enough,” today announced Chrysler was taking immediate steps to assure continuing public trust in the company and consumer confidence in its products.

“The only law we broke was the law of common sense,” Iacocca told a press conference at the company’s Highland Park headquarters. “We made mistakes that we will never make again. Period.”

Iacocca said charges that the company had violated the law and press reports about those charges are causing some customers to question their confidence in the company’s products.

Since October 1986, the company tests vehicles with their odometers connected and places a notice in the vehicles informing dealers and purchasers of the test mileage.

For vehicles tested before October 1986 with their odometers not connected, which can be identified from company records, Chrysler, as a goodwill gesture, is voluntarily extending its warranty coverage to Seven Years or 70,000 Miles. Most of the affected vehicles are already covered by the company’s Five-Year or 50,000-Mile Warranty, the best warranty in the industry at the time the vehicles were built.

In addition, the company is extending warranty coverage on those vehicles to include additional major systems such as brakes, suspension, electrical, steering, and air conditioning. And third, Iacocca said the company will ask owners of the affected vehicles to bring their cars to their dealers for a free inspection under the new warranty. “If we find any product deficiency, we’ll fix it free of charge,” he said.

Iacocca said owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail. “We are trying to show our good faith to our customers and to reassure them of the quality of their vehicles, so we’re going to back them even better and longer.”

Iacocca said the company also would offer to replace–“no questions asked”–40 vehicles that were damaged in the overnight testing program, even though these vehicles met all the company’s standards for quality and customer satisfaction at the time of shipment. “The owners will get a brand-new car or truck if they want one,” he said.

“We’re going a little overboard maybe,” Iacocca said, “because when people trust you, and you give them reason to question that trust, a simple apology isn’t enough.”

The company will begin mailing letters today to owners of affected vehicles and hopes to complete the mailing by early next week.

The overnight quality test-drive program utilizes a small number of vehicles selected at random at each of Chrysler’s assembly plants, driven by qualified and authorized personnel. If any problems were found, the problems were corrected prior to the vehicle being shipped to the customer. If a common problem was found among the test vehicles, the entire day’s production was inspected and any required corrections were performed prior to the vehicles being shipped to the customer.

Chrysler said the quality test-drive program was one of the contributing factors to Chrysler having the best safety recall record of the domestic auto industry for the past five model years.


Reprinted by courtesy of Chrysler Corporation.

Example 2: Press releases letters

Release date: July 1, 19– For more information:
James Wells–605-345-6789


Marsell-Donmelson, a leading financial and accounting firm, has announced the formation of Marsell-Donmelson, (Asia) Ltd. with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Each office will have an initial staff of 40 people. The staffs will include English, Australian, American, Chinese, Malaysian, and Singaporean nationals.

A third office will be opened in Tokyo this year, the firm announced.

Ronald Lofton, London-based president of Marsell-Donmelson who supervised formation of the new companies, said: “Hong Kong is perhaps the fastest-growing financial center in the Far East. Many companies, including present clients, have established regional headquarters there. From this office we will have access to the increasingly significant market areas of Malaysia and Indonesia. This Asian capability, added to the six offices we have in Europe and North America, will allow us to offer complete financial service to the world’s three most important business areas.”

Donald Matthews, a leading financial spokesman in Singapore for the past two years, will be executive vice president in charge of Marsell-Donmelson Asian operations. With a CPA background, Matthews also managed a public relations consulting firm in New Zealand.

The Singapore office will be managed by Paul Baker, Regional Vice President, who previously managed a public relations firm in Singapore for three years.

Both Mr. Matthews and Mr. Baker will be on the board of the Asian company.


Example 3: Press Releases Documents

Release date: December 15, 19–
Contact: Allen Stevenson @ 451-555-2973


Sunrise Beverage Co. Board of Directors elected Sandra Lowenstein vice president at their December 14 meeting. Ms. Lowenstein will take over for Robert Greenwell who leaves March 1 to become assistant vice president of the U.S. Information Agency.

Before Ms. Lowenstein came to Sunrise Beverage in 1980, she was the director of operations at Green Valley Foods, Inc. Her tenure at Sunrise includes positions as assistant to the director of marketing and director of marketing. In 1995 she led the most successful marketing campaign in Sunrise’s history to introduce our line of organic juices.

George Adams, President of Sunrise, stated, “I don’t think there’s anyone more qualified for this position than Sandra Lowenstein. She is a proven leader for Sunrise Beverage and the industry as a whole.”


Example 4: Business press release examples

Release date: February 1, 19–
Contact: Julie Brown @ 952-555-2947


On January 31, Halpert Media, the largest American newspaper owner, signed an $8 million contract to make Tracker Inc. the exclusive provider of circulation systems, network and applications for Halpert’s print media holdings.

Tracker will now provide circulation software for all of Halpert Media’s newspapers, including three of the top ten newspapers in the United States: the Los Angeles Examiner, the Cleveland Times, and the Miami Press, as well as the Tampa Tribune, the Milwaukee Post, and the St. Paul Observer.

The contract was awarded to Tracker after an extensive year long product and company review. Halpert Media newspapers will take advantage of the entire line of Tracker circulation software. Tracker 5000 is an efficient and flexible database system that tracks circulation. TAE 3.1 is a program specially designed for print media to chart production and materials costs to optimize productivity. TAE Router allows newspapers to make routing decisions and design delivery routes based on scanned maps.

Julian Stein, Vice President of print media operations at Halpert Media, commented, “The contract with Tracker is a big step forward for Halpert’s newspapers. It will allow us to standardize circulation and production systems, making cooperation between our print media holdings more efficient and effective.”
“Halpert Media has the most expansive and sophisticated circulation needs in the country,” said Tracker Inc’s director of finance, Holly Kuske, “We are pleased to offer the software they need. We trust our new business relationship will help both companies move forward successfully.”


Example 5: Community press release letters

Contact: Ray Mellon @ 405-555-2941


Yesterday Gulf Air reported it finalized its merger with Avery, Inc. The agreement calls for the exchange of 3,000,000 shares of Gulf Air’s common stock for the outstanding shares of Avery, Inc. The merger forms Avery Gulf Air (AGA), now the largest manufacturer of airplane technology in the country.

Gulf Air is one of the major American suppliers of commercial airplanes and commercial airline technology. They make the DC-20 and the LR-100, two of the most popular commercial planes today. Avery is the largest supplier of aircraft to the U.S. military and has been contributing aerospace technology expertise to the U.S. Space Program since 1980. In 1997 the Space Program awarded Avery the contract to construct the next space shuttle, the Sojourner.

“The merger compliments the capabilities of each company,” said Ken Pavlanski, Gulf Air director of research and development. “Our commercial airline operations will benefit from the infusion of expertise about military safety technology. Our passengers will be the ultimate beneficiaries. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Marianne Daniels, Avery, Inc. director of marketing said, “Diversification is the key for today’s successful manufacturers of defense technology. We are delighted to expand our focus with our merger with Gulf Air, one of the most trusted suppliers of commercial air planes.”


Example 6: Example of press release cover letters

For Release August 12, 19–

Contact: Helen Sung @ 204-555-2954


After four months of negotiations, last night the National Auto Workers’ Union reached an agreement with Topaz Industries in Defiance, Ohio and Sharon, Pennsylvania. The agreement calls for Topaz Industries to hire 422 more workers at the Defiance Plant and 265 more at the Sharon Plant. Topaz Industries also agrees not to out-source any additional production jobs. It includes a contract offering employees an across the board 3% pay increase adjustment for the cost of living.

Stated Gerald Andrews, Topaz Industries’ chief negotiator, “I think this is an agreement we can all live with. We aren’t entirely happy with some of the stipulations, but that’s what coming to an agreement is all about. Everybody has to give a little.”

President of National Auto Workers Union, Jack Campbell, commented, “Our members deserve more than the 3% wage increase, but overall this is a contract I feel comfortable bringing to our members. The main issue was out-sourcing, and I think we made it clear we won’t stand for Topaz Industries taking American jobs south of the border.”

NAW will bring the agreement before its members for a ratification vote on Monday, August 15. If ratified, it will go into effect January 1, 19–, averting the possibility of a strike.


Example 7: Press releases examples

Release date: March 10, 19–
Contact: Tim Green @ 245-555-0023


National Package Express (NPE) announced yesterday it is expanding its service to the African nations of South Africa and Kenya. With this expansion, NPE delivers to more countries than any other delivery company in the world.

NPE plans to open offices in Johannesburg and Nairobi on April 15 and May 1 respectively. One-day delivery will be offered inside Africa and two-day delivery for any package originating from or destined to another continent.

Margaret Teasdale, director of operations at NPE said, “Traditionally, most package delivery companies have ignored Africa over concerns about infrastructure outside of the major cities. We realize how important service to Africa is for many of our customers, and we think we can provide our usual top quality service in South Africa and Kenya. We are currently looking to other African countries to expand our service.”


Example 8: Press releases samples

Release date: September 30, 19–
Contact: Emma Gardner @ 863-555-2990


Tim Simons, president of Builders’ Central (NYSE-BCEN), announced third quarter dividends of $.07 per share payable October 1, 199– to shareholders of record September 15, 19–. Third quarter dividends are up from $.06 for the second quarter, and $.04 for the third quarter last year.

Builders’ Central is a discount building supply store catering to both professional construction contractors and homeowners. Since it was founded in 1979 in Annapolis, Maryland, Builders’ Central has expanded to become the largest building supply store on the East coast with over $1.2 billion in revenues during fiscal year 19–.


Example 9: Sample of press releases

Release date: September 1, 19–
Contact: Gail Brella @ 824-555-3000


Peregrine Press will release Veronica Milan’s new book Architectural Studies of Dreams, October 15. Ms. Milan is the author of various best-sellers dealing with psychology, sociology, cultural history and dream interpretations. Her book released last year, History of the Soul, remained on the New York Times best-selling list for 59 weeks. Ms. Milan is also a frequent contributor to Esquire, Harper’s and the New York Times.

Ms. Milan plans a book tour from October 15–November 5. Her tour will begin at Esmerelda’s Bookstore in New York City and end on the west coast at Pacific Palisades Book Emporium .

Architectural Studies of Dreams. Peregrine Press, 19–. Hardbound, $35.00. Cloth $23.50. ISBN 2-98-203489-3. p. 245
Paperback set for release January 1.


Example 10: Documents for press releases

Release date: April 2, 19–
Contact: Jeff Florence @ 295-555-2904


Yesterday Culver City Council announced a $22 million contract with Allen Enterprises to privatize Devin Correctional Facility and Culver Maximum Security Prison. The move is expected to save Culver City $2.6 million per year.

Under the contract, Culver City will lease both facilities to Allen Security Enterprises for one dollar per year. Allen is responsible for all building maintenance costs, security, and prisoner services. Current Devin Correctional Facility and Culver Prison employees have the option of signing employment contracts with Allen Security.

Allen has been running prisons in Ashville and Brentwood for the last five years. Their financial and security records are available to the public at the Culver City Library.

Council member Gus Starke commented, “We promised to cut the budget this year, and this contract will take us a long way toward our goals. We wouldn’t have decided to privatize if we didn’t trust Allen Security completely. Their record is exemplary.”

Darrel Masters, President of Allen, will be at the May 2 city council meeting at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall to answer any questions.


Example 11: Press Releases

Release date: May 19, 19–
Contact: Sarah Peterson @ 216-555-6355


Television talk show host and author Carla Montana introduced her new line of professional women’s clothing at City Outfitters yesterday. At a fashion show in the Orlando City Outfitters, Montana said, “Less expensive clothing options for professional ladies are long overdue. I had a wonderful time designing clothes I thought would look great on real women in the real world. We’re not all models.”

The new line features stylish skirts, blouses, and jackets, most for under $28.00. “The best thing about them,” Montana says, “is they are all machine washable. I know today’s women don’t have time to mess with dry cleaning.”

As of May 25, Montana’s line will be available in all City Outfitters stores. Ms. Montana will be in the Seattle store on Tuesday, May 22 and the Miami store on Thursday, May 24 to present her designs and take interviews.

– 30 –


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