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Guidelines : Accepting

Accepting Resignations

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • State your regrets the employee is leaving.
  • Your resignation has come as a surprise–a disappointing one at that.
  • We accept your resignation with great misgivings; how will we ever replace you?
  • We regretfully accept your resignation as comptroller, effective October 1.
  • We are so sorry to hear you are leaving the company.
  • With regret, we accept your resignation.
  • We will miss you very much as you leave to assume your position at Hydril. You’ve been a model employee here.
  • With disappointment, I read my morning’s mail and your letter of resignation. We will find it difficult to replace you.
  • Two weeks will certainly be inadequate to find a replacement of your caliber. Two months or two years would be more appropriate. But accept your resignation, I guess we must.
  • Your sales record with us has been outstanding. We regret very much your decision to leave us at the end of the month.
  • Thank the employee for his or her contributions. The more specific your comments, the more sincere the letter will sound.
  • I can say with all sincerity you have made invaluable contributions to the organization. You have….
  • Thank you for your long years of service in the personnel department. I can enumerate project after project that originated as your idea and came to fruition through your leadership.
  • We have appreciated so much the way you have handled the projects we’ve assigned–your timeliness, thoroughness, and professional attitude toward the customers.
  • Suggest any necessary alternative dates for the employee’s departure.
  • Although we regret you are leaving and appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving us two weeks’ notice, we feel that won’t be necessary. Because you have so adequately trained Barry Howell, he is now ready to move into your position at the end of the week.
  • Would you consider delaying your effective date to May 6 in order to allow us to interview several out-of-town candidates? We are hoping this won’t be a problem for you since your letter of resignation indicated no immediate new-job plans. Please let me know if this date would be equally acceptable.
  • Since you’re not assuming a new position right away, would it be feasible for you to work one month longer than you’ve originally stated in your letter?
  • Is there any way at all you could delay your move for another two weeks?
  • If you’ve not made a definite commitment as to a starting date with the new employer, would you consider working with us until the end of the month?
  • Give your best wishes to the employee on his or her future plans.
  • We wish you every success on your new assignment.
  • Best wishes with your plans.
  • We hope all goes well with your relocation.
  • The job should be just what you enjoy. Accept our every best wish for your future success.
  • We hope the plans work out just as you have envisioned.
  • If we can help you get established in your new business, let us know. We’d be glad to pass on referrals in your area.
  • If I can ever give you a reference, please call on me.
  • We’d be happy to supply you with an excellent reference if you need one.
  • We trust everything will work out as you have planned.
  • We wish you the very best as you assume the parent role full-time for the next few years.
  • I admire your courage in making this career change. I have great confidence in your ability to make things work.
  • We hope your future is a bright one wherever you go.
  • Your future plans sound challenging and exciting; we wish you great success in working them to a successful end.
  • We hope you and your family will be very happy as you relocate to the Bay area.
  • If you ever need an excellent reference, call on us. Best of everything as you go.
  • Your children are very lucky to have your sacrifice and commitment to their well-being.
  • Your parents, I’m sure, are very grateful for your move to live near them and help meet their needs at this time of their life.
  • Godspeed as you work your new plans. You deserve success in whatever job you pursue.
  • Your future sounds full and rewarding. We hope you will be very happy in the new position.

Example 1: Sample letter for accepting resignation letters

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Byron:

We accept your resignation as chief accountant, but we do so with great reluctance.

Finding a replacement for you will be extremely difficult. If we considered your accounting duties alone, possibly the task would not seem so arduous, but you’ve done so much more for our company than perform accounting functions for our clients–you’ve built relationships. Believe me, there’s a big difference.

Specifically, I think of the way you’ve handled Scullenberger through its restructuring and Bolton, Inc., through the massive layoffs and the related tax posturing. Their confidence in the way you personally handled their tax questions and offered advice at every juncture is the reason both clients are still with us. Thank you for making such a conscientious effort to be there whenever they’ve called.

I do have one last favor. Would you consider working two weeks longer than the effective date stated in your resignation letter? As you know, with Richard out of the country, we will be delayed in even beginning our search for a replacement.

We wish you the very best as you go to work for Unity Life; you’re the kind of employee who will make a success out of every assignment. We hope the new job affords you all the growth opportunities you deserve.


Example 2: Accept employee resign

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Margaret:

It is with regret I accept your resignation as a systems engineer. Your positive attitude and willingness to take on new challenges and responsibilities will be missed.

During the short 18 months we have worked together, you have made significant contributions to the Mesa unit:

• Completion of an office TRV study
• Significant participation in the branch office automation for Barker Banks
• Development of a “packaged” slide presentation to customers on the System/260

The sensitivity, professionalism, and enthusiasm you demonstrate have resulted in a business-partner relationship with your customers and very positive comments from customer executives as well. Thank you for all these efforts and a job well done.

I do have one request: Would you consider working two weeks longer than you indicated in your resignation letter? This position is going to be difficult to fill with someone of your caliber, and we want adequate time to hire the best.

I feel I speak for everyone here at Mesa when I say we will miss you. We all wish you the very best in your move back to New Hampshire and know you will find another job immediately.


Example 3: Letter for acceptance of employee resignation

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Bryant:

Thank you for giving us such adequate notice of your decision to leave the company. From a selfish perspective, I am really sorry to hear you have accepted a new position in Denver. I do hope the new job allows you to use your skills to the fullest. You have been an excellent employee who has produced many dollars for the company.

I have developed a high level of personal respect for you and your abilities, and I know we will feel the loss deeply.

With best personal regards,

Example 4: Accepting

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Dave:

Opening my mail was disappointing today–I received your letter of resignation. If we must accept your decision to leave–and I guess we do–your suggested effective date of October 1 will be fine.

Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for the contributions you’ve made to the organization, and specifically to our division here in Baltimore. The Drummond account, the Blackwell account, and the Fitcher account have all been directly your responsibility, and they couldn’t have been handled better. As you are well aware, you have had our utmost confidence in building these large and most profitable relationships.

Let us know if we can pass on any referrals for you in Los Angeles. Our very best wishes to a star performer. We’ll be looking forward to tracking your career through our mutual industry acquaintances.



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