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For Award/Bonus/Benefit

Guidelines : For Award/Bonus/Benefit

Thank You for Award, Bonus, or Benefit

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • Express your gratitude for the award, raise, bonus, or benefit.
  • I appreciate your honoring me with this award.
  • What a way to recognize a hard year’s work! I’m thrilled.
  • Thank you so much for recognizing my contributions this year with your Monroe Award.
  • I’m so pleased you’ve selected me as recipient of this year’s Monroe Award.
  • This award makes my work ever so much more enjoyable and challenging.
  • I appreciate so much your thoughtfulness in designating me for this award.
  • This award is certainly an honor. I do appreciate the recognition.
  • What a surprise! I am so appreciative of….
  • I want to thank you sincerely for your recognition of my work.
  • Thank you so much for the recognition you have offered in this way.
  • I was so pleased to learn of the…award.
  • Your selection of me for the…award is such a great and unexpected honor.
  • I had no idea I was in the running for the…award. I’m so thrilled.
  • Compliment the organization for providing such recognition and opportunities to excel.
  • Our organization provides so many opportunities for growth and service that it’s difficult not to excel in something.
  • Your organization is one I’ve come to depend on for leadership and up-to-the-minute information about our industry.
  • Our company, I think, once again proves itself mindful of the need to compete for excellence. This award is just one way they let us as employees share in their success.
  • I appreciate the farsightedness of our organization’s leadership in establishing such awards to encourage excellence.
  • The award distinguishes our company as one with a real commitment to helping its employees reach their highest potential.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to work in a setting where people care about quality and commitment.
  • I recognize the good fortune I have to work in an organization that recognizes and rewards excellence in its employees.
  • The organization has provided the freedom, time, and financial support to complete this work.
  • Our leadership is to be commended for encouraging employees to give their best by making such opportunities and recognition available.
  • Keep a modest tone. In the case of a raise or bonus, write as though you have received a reward for work well done; show both confidence and humility.
  • Although I don’t feel deserving, I’m appreciative just the same.
  • I don’t feel as though my contributions have been any greater than those of others; nevertheless, I thank you for this recognition.
  • You’re a great group of people to recognize me for this work.
  • I’m still mystified about how I was selected, but I do appreciate the honor.
  • With so many as deserving or more so than I, I don’t understand why I was chosen for this honor. But I am thrilled.
  • You are so gracious to recognize my work in this way.
  • So many of you have contributed to my personal and professional growth I feel as though I should accept the award on behalf of all of us.
  • I feel certain others were more qualified for this honor; nonetheless, I’m thrilled you have selected me.
  • I don’t know how my name got in the hat, but I do appreciate your recognition.
  • Thank you so much; I’ll do my best to represent our organization according to the standards this award represents.
  • Though I feel quite undeserving of this award, I certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness in presenting it to me.

Example 1: Thanks to employer for benefits

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Fellow NATD Members:

Thank you so much for honoring me with the Member of the Year award. The leadership of our local chapter provides so many opportunities to serve the community and our professional industry group it was not difficult at all to get involved in several projects. I consider the time well spent and a contribution to my own personal and professional growth.

I’m appreciative of your recognizing my work in this way and of having the opportunity to interact with such a group of dedicated colleagues.


Example 2: Employee to employee thanks letter

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Members of ARD:

Thank you very much for selecting me to receive the Newman Award at our December meeting. This is one of the most memorable events of my professional career. To be recognized by you, my peers–experts in your own companies–is a highlight I will remember over and over with gratitude.

I appreciate all that each of you has contributed to my professional growth and skills. Many of you have served as my role models during the years since we began our company. In fact, your “corporate” advice has been very much responsible for the successes we’ve had along the way.

I sincerely thank you.


Example 3: Benefits thanks letter to boss

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Herbert:

I was very pleased to receive your letter advising me the continued improvement in the company’s earnings permits the company to increase retired employees’ death benefit to $10,000.

Because I had decided I couldn’t afford to convert any of my insurance at the time of my retirement, this is most welcome. Please extend my thanks to the board of directors.

My best wishes for another good year at Philboro.


Example 4: Thank you letter to staff for award





SUBJECT: Merit Raise

I’d like to thank you for the merit raise effective June 1. I take this as an indication you and upper management appreciate my efforts and are concerned about my future here. To the best of my abilities, I intend to be worthy of that confidence and will do everything in my power to meet the objectives outlined in my 19– Activity Plan submitted last week.

Please know I am eager to take on any additional responsibilities that develop in this area and will incorporate them into “the scheme of things” around this office. Thanks for your personal support and encouragement.

Example 5: Letter of thanks to boss for bonus

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Mr. Harper:

I want to express my appreciation to you for the most generous bonus at the end of the year. The company’s outstanding growth record makes me very proud to be a part of the team, and the bonus represents to me your confidence in my abilities and my future with the company.

I do realize not all organizations value their managers’ personal dedication to the extent that Herrington Inc. does. Therefore, I feel quite pleased to work for executives who put real incentives behind the lip service some organizations give to considering their employees as their most valuable asset.

My work here is extremely rewarding. Thank you.



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