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Sexual Harassment Policy

Example 1: Sample of sexual harassment policy





SUBJECT: Sexual harassment policy

As a follow up to yesterday’s department head meeting regarding our sexual harassment policy, please review the following.

DHP Corp. has adopted a policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace. This applies to all employees, both part-time and full-time, of DHP Corp. and its subsidiaries. This does not apply to employee actions at non-company gatherings outside of the workplace.

For purposes of this policy, sexual harassment will include the following types of behavior and/or actions in the workplace: 1) Conversations and/or actions containing explicit or implied sexual overtones; 2) Unwelcome advances of any type. Any request to cease such activity indicates that it is unwelcome and must stop; and 3) Romantic advances of any type by management personnel toward any and all employees within the DHP Corp. This shall not be limited to an individual manager’s chain of supervision.

This policy will be effect March 1. Any suggestions or questions should be forwarded to my office as soon as possible.

Example 2: Harassment policy in the workplace





SUBJECT: Addendum to sexual harassment policy

In response to suggestions by our legal counsel, our sexual harassment policy will be amended as follows.

All employees alleged to have committed any act of sexual harassment will be placed on paid leave until such a time as those allegations have been found to be true or false.

Should the allegations be proven false by the peer review panel, that employee will be reinstated and no record of the allegation will be logged in his/her employment file.

Should the allegations be proven true by the peer review panel, the panel will recommend what action will take against the employee. This may include, but will not be limited to, dismissal with severance pay, dismissal without severance pay, suspension of employment for up to 30 days with or without pay, and demotion from present position.


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