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Information Resources

Example 1: Sample of human resources letters





SUBJECT: Who to call

Our recent restructuring has resulted in some confusion regarding areas of responsibility and authority. Please refer to the following list when fielding questions from employees and clients.

Human Resources

All questions and requests for information regarding employee benefits, eligibility requirements, completion of forms, vacation/sick day accrual, and employee policies should be directed to the new Director of Human Resources, Cindy Patterson. Her extension is 555. Her interoffice e-mail address is cpatterson@office.com.

Developmental Services

All questions regarding inter-company transfers and promotions, employee training seminars, and participation in the community volunteer program should be directed to Cora Taylor, Assistant Director for Developmental Services. Her extension is 556. Her interoffice e-mail address is Ctaylor556.

Public Information

All outside requests for information regarding product specifications, company history, community service projects and general information should be directed to Robert Smith, Director of Public Information. His extension is 557. His interoffice e-mail address is Rsmith557.

Direct Sales

All inquiries for product or service purchases and/or agreements, upgrades, additional literature and/or manuals, and general information on product/service pricing and terms should be directed to Clara Barton, Direct Sales Manager. Her extension is 558. Her interoffice e-mail address is Cbarton558.

Technical Support

All requests for technical support, questions regarding installation and maintenance, and general inquiries on product applications should be directed to Joe San Juan, Customer Support Director. His extension is 559. His interoffice e-mail address is Jsanjuan559.

Any other inquiries or questions should be directed to your division manager or immediate supervisor.

Example 2: Internal information resources letter





SUBJECT: Employee transition services

To aid in the transition of those employees affected by the recently announced closing of our Seattle office and plant, we have implemented a reassignment and relocation program. Our goal is be able to absorb as many downsized employees as possible into our other divisions.

Internal transition sessions

David Martin, Assistant Director of Human Resources, will be coordinating a series of reassignment opportunity meetings for all affected employees. These will be held starting August 1 and continue throughout the month each Tuesday evening. They will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria at the Seattle plant.

A complete listing of all opportunities within the other divisions will be circulated to employees at these sessions. Consideration will be given to length of service and performance of assigned duties in determining eligibility of employees for transitional positions outside of Seattle.

If you have any questions please contact David at (555) 555-5555, ext. 555. His e-mail address is Dmartin@mail.com.

External transition services

Realizing that not all affected employees will find places within our company, we have arranged for job training and counseling services to be provided by the state Workforce Commission. These sessions are scheduled to begin September 1, one month prior to the closing of the Seattle division. They will be held each Wednesday evening starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Workforce Commission office at 712 East Division.

For further information please contact either David at the above extension and e-mail address or Troy Jones, Industrial Employment Services, Washington Workforce Commission. His number is (555) 555-5555, ext. 555.

Example 3: Information Resources





SUBJECT: Health Insurance Information

Since being acquired by Deckerd, Inc., I am sure many of you have questions regarding your benefits. As previously noted, your level of insurance coverage is to remain intact. However, there will be some changes in terms of the handling of claims, requests for information and the processing of paperwork.

Deckerd, Inc.’s health insurance plan is self-funded. We want everyone to use the health insurance when necessary, but keep in mind that we’re all in this together. Whatever savings and surplus we realize by being self-funded is put back into providing better benefits for all employees.

Claims are handled through Benefit Providers Co., located in Ulysses, Kansas. To file a claim, contact Rosa Jones, assistant director of employment, in our main office at (555) 555-5555 ext. 555. Her e-mail address is Rjones@deckerd.com.

Information and eligibility forms may be obtained by contacting either your division manager or our office directly at (555) 555-5555 ext. 555 or writing to P.O. Box 555, Joplin, MO 55555. Our e-mail address is Dbenefits@deckerd.com.


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