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Improved Performance

Example 1: Sample of employee motivation letter





SUBJECT: Company Performance

Congratulations to Sarah Brighton and her team in internal operations. After recommending and implementing an aggressive series of cost-control measures, operating expenses across the board were reduced by 7.25 percent in the third quarter. Combined with an equally aggressive revenue generation effort on the part of our sales team, company performance in the third quarter was the best since 1992.

It’s gratifying to everyone involved when a plan comes together. The third quarter performance figures are a testament to what can be achieved when all elements of our company are in sync. Teamwork is a word thrown about all too often in the workplace, but it is applicable and appropriate in this instance.

Thanks to everyone. Let’s keep up the teamwork and enthusiasm as our fiscal year draws to a close.

Example 2: Employee recognition letter





SUBJECT: Personal progress

Sometimes it is hard to know if making that extra effort as an employer to help an employee in his/her time of need is going to be worth the investment of resources and time. In my career I have seen such efforts result in either improvement on the part of the employee or in his/her termination.

Julie, I am glad to see that our investment in you these past few months has paid off. You confronted your substance abuse, asked for help and responded to treatment. That’s a testament to your strength of character and personal courage. You’ve certainly regained the respect and appreciation of both myself and the rest of management.

Thanks for making our investment pay off.


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