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Holiday Greetings

Example 1: Holiday season greeting




SUBJECT: Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday

To All Personnel:

During this season, Norman’s feels it is important to thank you, our employees for all that you contribute to our success.

Your dedication, your willingness to work overtime to make sure that our customers are satisfied has made Norman’s the number one distributor in the tri-state area. Quality products are important, but without the quality service that all of you so willingly give, it would not matter how fine our products are.

As a token of our appreciation, please accept our Thanksgiving gift to you, and have a pleasant holiday with your families.

Example 2: Holiday greetings to employees




SUBJECT: Season’s Greetings

To the members of the Accounting Department:

During this holiday season, we at Garber’s feel that it is important to let you know how much we appreciate the exceptional job you have done for our firm over the past year.

The management team realizes that without your contributions, your loyalty, and your dedication to our firm we would not be as successful as we have become.

We are deeply grateful for your commitment to us, and we wish you the happiest and most joyous of holiday seasons.

Example 3: Motivational letter to greet holidays




SUBJECT: Holiday Wishes


During this time of the year, people often stop to consider their blessings; stop to consider the impact that others have had on their lives. And certainly, we stop to thank those people.

You have become a major source of inspiration for your entire department.

Your devotion to your job, your willingness to take on any part of an assignment and to help others with their sections if they are struggling, and your ability to accurately read the moods of your team members and help them through their difficulties has made you a unique and valuable employee. You not only care about your job, but you care about the people that work with you, care that they get the recognition that they too deserve, whether it be for an everyday matter or for a major account. Your generosity and willingness to give credit where it is due is something that is unfortunately not seen enough in our high pressure, high competition field. Your actions truly exemplify the meaning of “the spirit of giving” that is so a part of this season.

We are deeply appreciative of these fine characteristics, and are honored to have you in our employ. We wish you the happiest of holidays seasons.


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