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Guidelines : Engagement/Wedding

Congratulations on Engagement or Wedding

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • Express your congratulations on the engagement.
  • We’ve heard the good news–you and Matt have married.
  • Congratulations on making that big decision.
  • You’re smarter than I thought you were–talking Regina into marrying you before you even got a vice president’s title. Way to go.
  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We were so pleased to hear of your engagement.
  • Engaged, no less? Such a whirlwind romance sounds intoxicatingly exciting. We should pass the elixir around to the rest of the dreary world! Congratulations.
  • We are thrilled to hear of your marriage to Mark Hayes.
  • The wedding will be perfect–congratulations on your choices of bride and groom.
  • I was delighted to hear you have become engaged.
  • Your wedding sent off all sorts of sirens at our office. We never thought you’d do it.
  • Best wishes to you both on your upcoming wedding.
  • Comment positively on one or both of those involved.
  • You both are such special people–you deserve each other.
  • Michael always said he was waiting for the perfect woman–I think he found a close second to that non-existent dream in you.
  • You two are perfect for each other–motivated, positive, fun-loving, and successful. What a match!
  • Your mother tells me Barry was her reward in a son-in-law–for keeping her mouth shut about all those throwaways you dated in the process of finding the right one!
  • Your husband-to-be is a gem. I’ve known him for years, and you couldn’t have made a better choice.
  • If the past 28 years have been any indication, Tom will be that successful provider that dreams are made of.
  • You two are starting a trend–nice people finding nice people.
  • Can you tell me how you two were so lucky to find each other? The special people of the world are almost always taken.
  • Although I don’t know Jill personally, she has to be a sensitive and warm person to have captured your love.
  • I’ve heard of Bill by reputation only–but, wow, what a reputation in our business circles. I understand he’s headed for a really bright career in his organization.
  • Wish the couple happiness.
  • We wish you a lifetime of happiness.
  • Have a great life.
  • Many years of love and fun together.
  • For you both, we wish nothing less than the best life has to offer.
  • We wish you long days of bright sunshine.
  • We are praying for your good health, personal and professional success, and a warm relationship that nourishes your souls.
  • We want you to know we’ve found marriage to be God’s gift to us on earth. Enjoy each other for a lifetime.
  • Have a special wedding day and a long, happy life together.
  • Enjoy each day from now on–you’ve made a wise decision.
  • Life begins now. Enjoy it hand in hand.
  • Join hands and don’t ever let go.
  • Walk together, and you’ll smile all the way.

Example 1: Wedding congratulation letters

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip


We are so thrilled to hear of your recent marriage. Mark Laney was spreading the good news at a convention dinner last weekend. Although we don’t personally know Todd, common sense tells us he’s a peak performer and a super nice guy–or else he wouldn’t have won your love.

We wish you the very best for many years of success, health, and happiness together.

Our best regards,

Example 2: Congratulation letter wedding

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Mary,

I learned of your recent wedding from Mack McKenzie. Please accept my best wishes on such a joyous occasion. We hope for you years of happiness, personal and business success, good health, and plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company.


Example 3: Congratulation letter to colleague on engagement





SUBJECT: Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

We are all delighted to hear you’ve finally taken the big step and plunged into unmitigated happiness; congratulations on your upcoming marriage to Suzanne.

Those of us who have worked with you the past two years say you deserve the best. We wish you many years of joy together.


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