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Response To Commendation

Guidelines : Response To Commendation

Responding to Commendations
Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • Acknowledge your pleasure in receiving the commendation.
  • Thank you for letting us know of the exceptional service you received in our hotel.
  • We are so pleased you received your merchandise on time and at a reasonable cost. As you noted in your letter, Jeff Herman cares about customer service.
  • We appreciate so much your time in dropping us a note about how well Mark Jones took care of cleaning your damaged apartment last week.
  • This morning’s mail brought your letter and a smile to our face.
  • How nice of you to write and let us know of the manner in which Nell Johnson has been servicing your account. She’s been with our organization for 12 years, and her comprehensive knowledge of the business certainly works to the client’s advantage.
  • Commendations such as yours of Margaret Frazier’s help on the Boyton property certainly contribute to management’s morale in our slowing economy.
  • Thank the reader for taking the time and making the effort to let you know about the exceptional service.
  • Your letter took time, and we appreciate your letting us know of your experience here.
  • Your effort in dropping us the nice letter is appreciated.
  • Thank you for writing to let us know how we’re performing.
  • Feedback such as yours–though time-consuming for you–is an invaluable part of our staff training. Thank you so much.
  • We appreciate your time in writing. Although we want our excellent service to be commonplace here, we do appreciate knowing our customers recognize the extra efforts.
  • Promise to pass on the comments if they were intended for subordinates or other colleagues.
  • We will let Mr. Hartford know of your letter.
  • We will pass on your comments to both of the employees involved.
  • Thanks to you, they will have a nice day when we call them in to commend them on the effort you mentioned in your letter.
  • Such letters in their personnel files mean a great deal at review time.
  • We like to reward our employees for looking after the customer’s needs in an exceptional way. Your letter helps us take note of these efforts.
  • We have mentioned your comments in this week’s staff meeting. Be assured they were meaningful and much appreciated by those involved.

Example 1: Response to commendation letter

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip
City, State Zip
Dear Mr. Rae:
Thank you for your kind remarks about one of our employees, Ms. Sandy Vermuellen. It’s nice to know you have taken the time from your usual tasks to acknowledge Ms. Vermuellen’s attention to good customer service. We agree she exercised sound judgment in handling your communication needs at such a late hour. We’re equally pleased the matter turned out so well for you with your client.
I can assure you we value Ms. Vermuellen as an employee and will let her know of your nice comments.

Example 2: Response to apprecaition letter

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip
City, State Zip
Dear Ms. Monroe:
I received your letter about Gustavus Emory’s actions on the TRAB project in Miami last month. We agree with you wholeheartedly he has accomplished much in a very demanding and critical situation. Yes, he was entirely responsible for the success of the work, and we have placed your letter of commendation in his personnel file.
We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for writing to let us know how the community feels about the completion of this project. Those displeased are always most vocal, and the “average” citizen tends to be silent when things are going well. Thank you for voicing your support. Our day is brighter because you wrote.


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