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Guidelines : Offering

Offering Referrals

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Mention the referral immediately, stating why you yourself can no longer provide the service or product.

We are no longer in the hardware business, but I would like to refer you to another organization that excels in this area…

May I offer a suggestion for your next drilling job? I want to let you know of …

We no longer carry the Nexus product line you mentioned in your recent order, but we are pleased to refer you to Belton, Inc., who recently became a Nexus distributor in an exclusive arrangement.

I would like to make you aware of a new firm in your locale that offers janitorial services much superior to what you or I have had to settle for in the past.

Thank you for thinking of us with your recent order for plumbing supplies and fixtures, but we no longer sell those products. We suggest that you contact Wilson, Inc., for the custom work you described in your letter.

We no longer provide such services, but we can highly recommend….

Because he is eager to meet you I gave him your phone number and suggested he call you about your specific needs at Harwell.

Elaborate on the referral specifically. Outline the possible benefits to your reader.

State your expectation that the referral will be of mutual benefit. Inject an enthusiastic tone.

I think you two will enjoy working together.

I think you’ll find Mary a delightful person to work with.

We think you’ll be pleased with the quality of work Gemco produces.

Gemco performs to the highest expectations; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in any project they tackle for you.

Gemco has a reputation to be envied in the industry; I think you’ll be very satisfied with the results on any project you undertake together.

The results on any Gemco project should be exceptional.

We think your organizations rank with the best in the industry; you should complement each other.

If you do decide to give them a call, I think you’ll be very pleased with the way they’ll work with you.

I think you’ll be more than pleased with any project you decide to undertake with them.

We have the highest regard for both of your organizations; any working relationship between you should be mutually satisfying.

I hope this works out well for you.

Perhaps this is just the company you need to get the project underway.

Let’s hope you both find a discussion profitable.

Example 1: Sample letters for recommendation

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Ms. Morrison:

Thank you for your vote of confidence in writing us about the kind of candidate you want to hire in your Dallas sales office. However, we’ve changed our focus in the past two years since working with you and no longer place employees below the executive vice presidential level. I do want to recommend Merrill and Merrill, a placement firm in your area that handles job openings for middle management positions.

This firm has done exceptionally well in the past two years, successfully placing several managers at Dowell Corporation and at Boeing Gardner. Their screening process is rigorous, especially for any position requiring technical experience in the physical sciences. I suggest calling Michelle Shong there at 778-9862 to overview your needs; it could be the company already has someone in its database that would be appropriate for you.

I think you’ll appreciate their discrete way of working and the caliber of candidates they send you to interview. Let me know if something there works out for you.


Example 2: Referral company letter

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Mr. Farmington:

Thank you for your letter requesting more information about financial planning. I’m sorry to say we have not yet added that line of services to our firm. I can recommend Bayars International to you, an organization that I consider to be the best in the city.

Several of my friends and I have worked with Mark Bottoms, who can be reached at 344-6886, and consider him to be highly knowledgeable in investment strategies and opportunities. He has an independent firm that bases its fees on an hourly rate rather than on commissions from investment recommendations.

I suggest you give Mark a call for the help you requested in your letter.



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