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Recap of Meeting

Example 1: Meeting recap letter





SUBJECT: Shift Supervisor Meeting

Our shift supervisor meeting was attended by all supervisors except Kathy, Jake, and Sue, who were required to remain with the service representatives. As explained in the agenda memo you received, the primary reason of the meeting was to discuss employee absenteeism and tardiness. Several suggestions to curb these problems were given, including the following:

• Write-up after three tardies, rather than five

• Dismissal due to tardiness after three write-ups

• Dismissal after only one unexplained absence, rather than three

As you can see, these potential policies are much more stringent then our current policies. Please review them carefully and consider their implications. I will expect you to come to next week’s meeting with a clear viewpoint on these suggestions.

Example 2: Meeting follow up letter sample





SUBJECT: Sales Meeting

At last week’s sales meeting, the following items were discussed:

Possible Mass Mailing As An Advertising Campaign
Ann, Stephen and Greg will be doing a study of mass mailing effectiveness for next month’s meeting.

Sales Incentives Plans
Gerald, Carmalita, and Sherry formed a committee to suggest various employee incentives if they reach certain sales goals. Incentives were to be based on accomplishment of goals set for each individual, rather than through competition with one another. They will present their suggestions at next month’s meeting.

Flex-time Hours
There will be a presentation from a group of employees of a sister company which promotes flex-time hours for employees with children. This special presentation will be held next week on Friday, June 8 at 2:00 p.m. If you are interested in having the opportunity to institute flex-time hours in our company, please sign up to attend.

Example 3: Meeting recap sample





SUBJECT: Possible Employee Dress Code

Yesterday’s meeting concerning employee dress code addressed several issues. The main topics of discussion were the following:

• Professional appearance for clients

• Dressing standards of other companies in the same field

• Employee comfort

• Whether or not certain dress requirements would increase or decrease employee productivity

Please study the following pages of dress code examples and consider how, or if, the various topics and examples effect one another. We will make a decision based on the discussions at next week’s meeting.


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