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Of Outside Services/Companies

Guidelines : Of Outside Services/Companies

Introducing Outside Services or Companies

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

  • Introduce the service or company in terms of the reader’s interest.
  • You mentioned to me recently your interest in investigating the Australia market. Therefore, I have suggested that Harold Martin of RedMar Inc. contact you about….
  • Your CFO wrote me in the spring about your decision to add temporary PR staff when the new computer product line was in full swing. I’ve found a personnel agency specializing in placement of the sort of temporary employees you mentioned.
  • Give background information from your personal experience about the service, product, or company.
  • They enjoy a fine reputation with our own company.
  • Their services have been invaluable to us during our recent problem with….
  • Although we have not had a specific need of their professional services while I’ve been associated with Universal Corporation, I do know the company’s reputation here in Jackson is outstanding. Mr. Smith has served with me on numerous Chamber of Commerce committees, and I continue to hear nothing but compliments about his firm.
  • Indicate any referral action you’ve taken, but avoid obligating the reader.
  • I did give their representative your name, thinking you would appreciate his input if you can find the time to chat a few minutes on the phone.
  • If you’re not in a position to use the kind of service they provide, perhaps you can refer Bill Wamock to other prospective clients. I’ll thank you for any consideration you may be able to give him.

Example 1: Introduction service letter

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Margaret,

With this letter, I want to introduce you to a very well-known French company, Constructions Metalliques de Provence (CMP), with which we have been doing business for quite some time. We have joint ventures concerning the fabrication and erection of all kinds of tanks, pressure vessels, and refinery columns–all ventures that you, too, might be interested in pursuing.

CMP is opening an office in your area. Mr. T. S. Goulette, who is to be in charge of that location, is a good friend of ours, very personable, and extremely knowledgeable about our industry. You’ll also find him very articulate, with a perfect command of the English language.

To give you a better idea of CMP’s activities, I’m enclosing a recently prepared brochure.

When Mr. Goulette contacts you, I’ll appreciate any cooperation you can give him. I do think you’ll find several common business interests to pursue.


Example 2: Recommend service





SUBJECT: Reservations Responsibilities Contracted to Kreebaum Services

Effective January 15, we will hand over our duties of reservations and scheduling to Kreebaum Services of Minneapolis.

We realize that trying to handle the calls in-house was becoming an undo burden on desk clerks. Several guests complained about being on hold for up to 15 minutes. This change should streamline our reservations process and leave clerks free to handle other guest services.

Kreebaum employees will place reservations using our Web site, so we have instant access to all reservations made. When the switch-over occurs, we will have a separate telephone number for reservations, (800)555-2989. The number for the front desk will remain the same.

If you have any questions about the switch-over, call Alex Finch at Ext. 2948.

Example 3: Suggest the company





SUBJECT: Errol’s Office Machines—New Copier Repair Service

To ease the burden on our maintenance crew we have contracted with Errol’s Office Machines to handle photocopier repair for the sales department. They will be our exclusive repair service effective June 18.

Sheryl Bird is our representative at Errol’s Office Machines. Call her at 555-2948 if you have any trouble with your copier.

Example 4: Corporate introduction letter





SUBJECT: National Health Group Insurance Representative On-Site

We are please to announce that a representative from National Health Insurance Group will be on-site every Wednesday from 12:00 to 2:00 beginning March 22.

A representative will be in the second floor conference room to answer questions about benefits, accept claims, and help employees complete insurance forms.

In order to schedule to meet with your representative, you should notify your supervisor and sign-up for an appointment on the sheet posted in the break room.

Example 5: Recommend company





SUBJECT: Pre-Hazmat Inspection Check

Michelle Aarons and her team from Safety Systems will be here during the week of October 19 to conduct a pre-hazmat inspection check of warehouses A-F as well as the west end refinery. They will look for violations so we can fix them before our annual state inspection in January.

Let’s do everything we can to get our facilities up to snuff before Safety Systems comes. If we treat this as a real inspection, we’ll be that much more prepared for the actual one in January. Your managers will be posting emergency spill clean-up procedures and emergency pressure release procedures to refresh your memory on drills.

I know you will do everything you can to assist Michelle and her team. They are here to help us shine during our annual inspection.


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